New Kind of Dancing Experience and Nosaj Thing’s Music

Good news for the fans of Nosaj Thing – he has presented a new music video for a track called “Eclipse/Blue”. In fact, you don’t even have to be a fan of Nosaj Thing to enjoy and appreciate ”Eclipse/Blue” video. As much as it pleases the ears, it also is an amazing experience for the eyes. In my humble opinion, the symbioses between Nosaj Thing’s music and the spellbinding dance performance is incredible. The visual part will leave you astound. [Read more...]

Behind the visual component of the whole project is a huge amount of hard work and new technologies. We need to thank Daito Manabe as he is the technology artist who created the visual part of the Nosaj Thing video.  He gave a bigger emotional range and feel to the movements of the dancers by creating a dynamic virtual scene as a background. The dance was embodied not only by the dancers’ bodies. In addition to that, each motion was expanded and prolonged by the graphics behind, making it larger and more emotive.

What is more admirable about this video is that the dance performance is live. A Point Grey high-speed camera was used for tracking the dancers’ movements and then created projections onto the dancers’ bodies to get the graphics on the screen. So it’s real time action and it’s amazing!

Website: Youtube, Daito Manabe

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Date posted: Nov 30th, 2012
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