Suki And Bethania – Friendship Between A Dog And A Cat

By • Apr 24th, 2014

Suki and Bethania – Friendship between a dog and a cat

Blankets And Shelter Dogs – The Videos That Will Melt Your Heart

By • Apr 23rd, 2014

The first year I had set a modest goal to collect 100 blankets for 100 shelter dogs. We reached that goal by day one and by the end of winter had reached nearly 5,000 blankets, towels, beds and we stopped counting.
By year two, I know what worked to collect blankets donations. Videos! Just donating a blanket and hoping it get to be a homeless dogs warm safe place to lay is one thing but actually seeing the blanket you donated be laid out for a dog who has nothing, seeing the looks on their faces when they realize its just for them and watching their curiosity turn into appreciation as the curl up in a cozy ball and for a minute feel special.
Every time I brought donations of blankets and even toys and treats to a shelter id bring my camera along too. Every dog that got a blanket was so thankful for it. It went beyond having some place soft to sit in a concrete kennel. I could see in their eyes that it was more then just a blanket to them. Maybe it was a sign of hope that their are people out there who care. Maybe it was having something they had when they had a home. What ever it was, my camera was there to capture it. We have been so lucky over these last four years. We are so grateful to the animal angels who donated. I may have been the person who organized everything and did the leg work but it was because of the kindness of strangers that it has been an outstanding success every year.

Watch the heart warming videos of these sweet innocent dogs who have nothing receive a simple blanket that to them means everything.

We are not currently asking for blanket donations. However, if we receive a donation of blankets or funds towards blankets at any time during the year they will be brought to Los Angeles shelters as they come in.

After the success of the blanket I added other generized collection drive As a LA Animal Service Shelter Volunteer I see first hand what the shelter animals need when the the shelter falls short. Blankets in winter, flea treatment, hot spot oil and skin soothing shampoos in summer, bandanas and love are needed all year long.

Remember I mentioned I would bring my camera every time? Well, there’s a lot of videos to watch .. Enjoy.

And if your inclined to help. Below is the info on what were looking for right now for the Spring / Summer Shelter collection. Items on list include; flea treatment, milk replacer, flea and medicated shampoos,treats,toys, skin soothers.

Amazon wish list for Spring / Summer shelter items

•choose items to donate on the wish list
•items will be shipped to our address.
•email questions or for help with ordering from the wish list

Donate towards the Spring / Summer Shelter fund

Thank you
Mia Anelli founder of insight animal rescue

14 Stunning Photos Of Beautiful Bluebell Woods

By • Apr 23rd, 2014

I went on a lovely walk in hillhouse woods (which we call bluebell woods) with the family and took some fantastic photos of the wildlife there.

Cute Baby Bunnies Hang Out With A Visitor To Rabbit Island In Japan

By • Apr 22nd, 2014

Reddit user EngVagabond posted a cool photo gallery on Reddit in which he feeds and plays with cute baby bunnies on the Japanese island of Ōkunoshima. Ōkunoshima, also known as the Rabbit Island, is famous for its huge population of wild bunnies. During WWII, the island had a secret Japanese Imperial base used for lethal gas production. The bunnies may have been released by workers after the plant closed or by schoolchildren who visited the island in 1971, but however it happened, the bunnies have bred and spread over the whole island.

Gorgeous Pug Valli

By • Apr 22nd, 2014

Gorgeous pug Valli walking on the stony sea coast


By • Apr 20th, 2014


Cute Kittens

By • Apr 19th, 2014

These cats can be cute. By:Ribh Flannery

Cats Eating Spaghetti Compilation

By • Apr 19th, 2014

Bunch of cute cats and kittens eating spaghetti. Check it out! :3

Man Plays Ball With Pet Fox

By • Apr 19th, 2014

Amazing trained fox, he’s so cute.

One Of The First Photographers To Use Social Media To Save Shelter Animals Mia Anelli

By • Apr 18th, 2014

Mia Anelli was just one of the thousands of professional photographers making a living doing actors headshots in Los Angeles. When her mother became illl in 2009 Mia picked a 2nd job as a veterinary clinic receptionist to help her mother. It was there she was exposed to a different breed a people. Animal rescuers would come into the clinic and talk about the shelters and the animals needing to be rescued. Mia was intrigued by their enthusiasm and decided to check out the Los Angeles shelters website. Mia wanted to see just how many animals were really there. It wasn’t the troubling amount of homeless animals that shocked her but rather the photographs the shelters were taking. Dogs cowering in steel kennels and many so out of focus you couldn’t be sure if it was dogs or cats or balled up dirty laundry for that matter. Mia was appalled to think that these animals had one photo, one chance to catch someone’s eye, one photo to save their life and the person taking the photo couldn’t be bothered to wait a second to let them lift there heads.

At that time Mia Anelli had not founded Insight Animal Rescue. She was just a girl with a camera and the wanting to help. The first time she went the east valley shelter to take pictures, she quietly walked directly to the kennels and for 5 hours she took the portraits of as many of the animals as she could. Not knowing if people would share or even care to look at these images she uploaded the hundreds of photos with her fingers crossed. Within minutes it was obvious. Her images moved people. Within days of the first time she used her skill to network the shelter animals people were adopting and rescuing dogs because of the photos she had taken.

Since then she has continued to bring her camera to the shelter and leave with a little more hope that someone will know that dog is there and needs their help. Mia also started a non profit rescue , Insight Animal Rescue and has taken in and found homes for hundreds of animals.

It can be emotionally draining to the point u wish u were numb. Its physically exhausting and I would leave with muscles sore. But when you know it makes a difference, when you realize something you are doing saves lives, even just one. There is no choice there is just do. And so I did. -MIA ANELLI

The images posted here are of animals that are no longer in a shelter. They have either been adopted, rescued, or killed in the shelter due to over crowding.

INSIGHT ANIMAL RESCUE RUNS ON DONATIONS MADE BY THE PUBLIC. Your donations are used solely for the purpose of rescuing and caring for the animals we save. to make a donation via paypal use email :
Or use our you caring funding site to donate.
Thank you

INsight Animal Rescue is a Animal rescue located in the southern California. Founded by Mia Anelli, A professional photographer and independent animal rescuer.INsight Animal rescue, a non-profit rescue runs on private donations and Adopter donations. Not breed particular or cute dog inclined she tries to pull out the animals who need it the most. We do our best to provide every animal we pull out of the shelter the tools they need to make their 2nd chance at a home, the last chance they will ever need. From medical care to a good bath. Pugs to Pit Bulls from Labs to Lap dogs. Dogs with 3 legs and dogs with one eye. The Puppies and the seniors. The mp miniatures and the Mastiffs. The perfectly healthy ans happy go lucky and the scared and abused, take each step slowly. They are all welcome here at Insight Animal Rescue.Insight Animal Rescues Founder is also a Shelter volunteer and has done many things to improve the Los Angeles Animal Shelters.