Body Art

Not Your Average Kids Face-Painting From New Zealand

By • Apr 16th, 2014

Christy Lewis (aka Daizy) is a world-class artist from Wellington, New Zealand who specializes in body and face painting. For last couple of years, Lewis has been creating many unique designs at different festivals and parties, so she’s become a well-known artist among the Kapiti Coast and Wellington communities. Together with her husband Mark, she has established Daizy Design Face Painting, which can be booked online.

This Supercut Of Film’s Most Memorable Tattoos Really Hits Its Mark

By • Apr 15th, 2014

A visual history of tattoos in movies from 1955 through the present. Entries selected on the basis of artistic merit, plot importance, comedy, color, actor, design, genre, influence, and general badassery.

Bobby Muskle – Hump The Ground

By • Apr 8th, 2014

If you care about the future of our planet WATCH THIS VIDEO and spread the message that has never been better told.

Uni Project Help

By • Mar 28th, 2014

Hello, I’m doing a project at uni about diversity, being different, and beauty and what it all means to you etc. If you have a couple of minutes could you please fill in my survey and ask as many people as you can to fill it in too as it would really help me out

Thank you xx

Another Bit Of Sign Defiance!

By • Mar 20th, 2014

my girlfriend and I made the page, after some of her beautiful body painting art was flagged and her fan-page was deleted. hope everyone likes it. And shares their blocked imagery, if they’ve been through that experience.

Canaria Tattoo

By • Mar 18th, 2014

Famous tattoo from Gran Canaria

Photography By Valerie Mrosek

By • Mar 12th, 2014

I am a german model, make up artist, photographer and editor from germany. Here are some of my works, enjoy it :)

Life Is None Other The Bored Place

By • Mar 8th, 2014

Life is like a panda that’s really bored know what I’m saying?

When We Are Bored

By • Mar 6th, 2014

when bored beauty photographer meets bored make up artist

Thousands Of Free Educational Videos For Visual Artists!

By • Mar 6th, 2014

Me and my partner worked over 2 years to make the place for you to learn in a better way! Tons of FREE educational videos for visual artists. Join thousands of other curious people NOW!