Body Language

By • Apr 16th, 2014

By a man’s fingernails, by his coat-sleeve, by his boots, by his trouser-knees, by the calluses of his forefinger and thumb, by his expression, by his shirt-cuffs, by his movements – by each of these things a man’s calling is plainly revealed. That all united should fail to enlighten the competent enquirer in any case is almost inconceivable / Sherlock Holmes, 1892.

The aim of this exhibition is — to become aware of ourselves and of the people around us. Not claiming any in-depth analysis, and hoping that you will take a moment to think about it. It seemed amazing to us that we can try to better understand ourselves or others.

Deer In The Headlights

By • Apr 15th, 2014

A lot of the streets in the suburbs of San Francisco don’t have traffic lights. At night its hard for drivers to see the pedestrians walking. Just a week ago, a jogger was hit by a car for that reason. So we decided to send a message directly to the drivers so that they are cautious when driving. Hopefully, these spots will be recognized by the state to fix this problem.

This Father And Mother Are Spicing Up Veggies For Their Children.

By • Apr 15th, 2014

Like most parents we struggled getting more veggies on the daily menu. Until we found a very visual and fun way to make vegetables more attractive for kids.

Spicing up meals with fun and fantasy is the very best trick. Kids will eat Dragons Tails a lot quicker than they’ll eat green asparagus. And that ‘icky’ beet tastes so much better with a dinosaur on your site. Say hello to Kemal the Couscous Camel, trample your Peas in Pieces, dive for that yellow tomato in Puppy Plunge and discover the lentil sea with a not so Bored Panda…


By • Apr 11th, 2014

Social physics, or the basics of systems theory for kids.
“Wonders” is a book for developing creative thinking, pressing flowers, measuring height, playing ping pong or maybe just reading.

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Kelly Boyle Uk Outsider Artist

By • Apr 11th, 2014

As an artist I am driven by passion and the need for self-expression. I am free to create my own life force; crafting spontaneous drawings using ballpoint pens, combining traditional technique with contemporary visuals, which capture the essence of the moment in its truest form. I draw in all situations but happiest when at gigs, generally in a meditative state, each pen stroke produced in time with the beat. Changing the surroundings/atmospheres, changes the lines, shapes, or style of the drawing. This is something that I constantly experiment with.

I use the entire page, as I’m creating a world within itself. The eyes are the soul of my work; they give it life, enabling me to passionately connect with each piece. The emotion of the faces represents my emotion at the time they’re created. The text is a poignant reflection of the time period of the drawing. It fits as one with the imagery.

My basic artistic concept is always to achieve balance over perfection.

Each piece is titled with the date of completion, as this directs the order of progression. The imagery appears differently to different archetypes/people, suggesting a conversation between objective and subjective perspectives. I believe this to be important about art/life, people coming together and finding freedom in their own opinions, as well as accepting the individual interpretation of others; helping us to remember that we all live in our own reality.

A lot of the Inspiration for the shapes and colours that I use are from nature and the world around me. I’m inspired by artists who give time and effort in truly nurturing their craft and techniques. Other influences are also illustration, life drawing, patterns, symmetry, symbolism, Manga, fantasy art, M.C Escher, Tribal Art, graffiti, Street Art.

My Photo Project: The Life Of Cute Milky Boxes

By • Apr 3rd, 2014

My name is Anastasy Andrianova and I’m a Russian photographer and illustrator. My photo project, Milky Photo, has been posted on my Deviantart account. I started to take these milky photos in 2011 and they are loved by people all around the world. I create these objects myself and I also draw illustrations with them.

The Anthropomorphic Illustrations Of Zarnala

By • Mar 26th, 2014

Zarnala is an American illustrator with Don for anthropomorphic illustration combines human and animal elements to create something new. Zarnala illustrations breathe air reminiscent of comics and draw Juanjo Garnido in Blacksad.

Watercolors and impressive thematic approach throughout his work showing a retro feel reminiscent to some works of Norman Rockwell.

Doughboy Clothing – T-shirts With A Twist -

By • Mar 19th, 2014

Doughboy Clothing has just released a Kickstarter Campaign, to launch our line of baking themed movie parody t-shirts. Run by me, Joel Fortunato, a baker, with a vision of joining my passion of whacky cakes and awesome movies, and putting them on something you can wear.
My idea was not just for you to buy a t-shirt. I wanted something different to other clothing brands. With crazy big graphics and loads of colours, the unique point of this brand is the way we package our t-shirts. We put them in a 25x15cm vinyl collectable cupcake, with attitude, toy.
My vision doesn’t stop there. Once the company is up and running, I will be looking, with the help of the community, to build an indoor skate park, with a community centre where kids, teens, and young adults can come in, chill out, play some games, have a good time and learn some skills on the computer. Skills like graphic design or web design, anything we can offer really. Maybe help them to make themselves a sick skate video to show some sponsors!!
To hear more or to check us out and pre-order a tee please check out our Kickstarter campaign.

Penguins Of New York: Captain Phillips

By • Mar 14th, 2014

Academy Awards Best Picture Nominees 4/9

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Penguins Of New York: All It Takes Is One Person.

By • Mar 12th, 2014

Freshman year, I was lost, confused and just making the wrong friends. I had this teacher who encouraged me to join lacrosse. I just got a four year scholarship. I’m headed his office now to show him the letter. Sometimes you just need one person to show you they care.

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