Deer In The Headlights

By • Apr 15th, 2014

A lot of the streets in the suburbs of San Francisco don’t have traffic lights. At night its hard for drivers to see the pedestrians walking. Just a week ago, a jogger was hit by a car for that reason. So we decided to send a message directly to the drivers so that they are cautious when driving. Hopefully, these spots will be recognized by the state to fix this problem.

This Father And Mother Are Spicing Up Veggies For Their Children.

By • Apr 15th, 2014

Like most parents we struggled getting more veggies on the daily menu. Until we found a very visual and fun way to make vegetables more attractive for kids.

Spicing up meals with fun and fantasy is the very best trick. Kids will eat Dragons Tails a lot quicker than they’ll eat green asparagus. And that ‘icky’ beet tastes so much better with a dinosaur on your site. Say hello to Kemal the Couscous Camel, trample your Peas in Pieces, dive for that yellow tomato in Puppy Plunge and discover the lentil sea with a not so Bored Panda…

Waterboarding Torture – Walking On Fire – Paper Mache Mask | Top Challenges #41

By • Apr 14th, 2014

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Ear Piercing At Home – Girlfriend Scary Makeup Challenge | Top Challenges #40

By • Apr 7th, 2014

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Mint Lamp Using Dental Floss Picks

By • Apr 4th, 2014

I made this lamp out of approximately 321 dental floss picks. The shade consists of 3 layers that are all connected using elastic thread. White plastic shade measures 3″ diameter on top x 6″on center x 5 3/4″H. Measures 12 1/4″ overall. Used 120 volt night light bulb. If anyone is interested in making one and needs more info on how to make one, I will gladly post step by step instructions. Thanks to all bored pandas out there :)

The Most Poetic Summerhouse In The Swedish Forest

By • Mar 31st, 2014

It took a year with a real estate agent without results, before a young girl from Copenhagen had enough and decided to try on the task of selling her summer house in Sweden on her own.

She got in touch with a friend who works in advertising and what started out as a few pictures of the house ended up with a very poetic short film about the house.

Colored Mason Jar Vase

By • Mar 30th, 2014

There are tons of mason jar projects out there and being able to tint them different colors is a great way to expand the possibilities. Start by gathering the jars, Mod Podge, and food coloring. I grabbed red and green in anticipation of St. Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.

1.) Pour about half an inch in the bottom of the jar.
2.) Add 4-5 drops of the food coloring.
3.) Use a pop-sickle stick or something small to mix the coloring into the glue.
4.) Swirl the color mix around the walls by spinning the jar. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top.
5.) Set the jar upside down to dry. It is best if the plate below is a plastic so the moisture doesn’t soak through. Also, use something small to prop the jar up a little so air can flow in and out.

Top 10 Easy Pranks For April Fools Day

By • Mar 27th, 2014

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16 Cool And Funny Garden Decorations

By • Mar 27th, 2014

As you know, gardening is a very serious job, and not everybody possesses the needed skills and knowledge in order to do it properly. It’s a very hard and tiring responsibility to take care of many different plants and make sure all their needs are satisfied. But for some people gardening is even fun. After all, people say that when your work requires you to do something you love, you will never feel miserable while doing it. The same applies to gardening. And when you realise this is the activity for you, you will even find out that it can be quite enjoyable and funny. After all, there are many creative ways to make your garden look more interesting and original. As a great example I can offer these very nice pictures of sixteen cool and funny garden decorations, presented by this expert gardening team in Croydon. I must admit, that some of them just made my day. Enjoy!

I Recreated Pharrell’s ‘happy’ Using Pots, 2 Pans And A Few Cups

By • Mar 25th, 2014

This is a little video I made to show how sometimes you don’t need musical instruments, or a reason to be happy. Took me about a week to make and the results are not bad at all. I’ll be making more. Thanks for watching!