Top 10 Youtube Challenges Of 2014 (so Far)

By • Apr 16th, 2014

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This Father And Mother Are Spicing Up Veggies For Their Children.

By • Apr 15th, 2014

Like most parents we struggled getting more veggies on the daily menu. Until we found a very visual and fun way to make vegetables more attractive for kids.

Spicing up meals with fun and fantasy is the very best trick. Kids will eat Dragons Tails a lot quicker than they’ll eat green asparagus. And that ‘icky’ beet tastes so much better with a dinosaur on your site. Say hello to Kemal the Couscous Camel, trample your Peas in Pieces, dive for that yellow tomato in Puppy Plunge and discover the lentil sea with a not so Bored Panda…

The Best Food Gadget Ever? This Is How To Get The Perfect Instagram Shot Of Your Dinner

By • Apr 11th, 2014

This is the world’s first portable photo studio for restaurant meals. Tapping in to the trend of posting jealousy-inspiring food shots on Instagram, Twitter and other social networks, the unique device creates the perfect studio to take social media food shots to the next level.

Currently in use at El Burro (a restaurant in Cape Town)

The MWEB #dinnercam is part of a project exploring how WiFi and the web are changing everyday life in public spaces.

Flying Chicks (slow Motion)

By • Apr 8th, 2014

Little chicks’ funny first attempt to fly in slow motion.

Flying Chicks.

By • Apr 8th, 2014

Little chicks’ funny first attempt to fly in slow motion

Ear Piercing At Home – Girlfriend Scary Makeup Challenge | Top Challenges #40

By • Apr 7th, 2014

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5 Creative Napkin Holders

By • Apr 6th, 2014

Napkin holders can be an unnoticed product around the table but it can also be a piece that’s worth talking about. Here is a collection of Creative Napkin Holders from all over the world.

Tiny, Edible Kitty-themed Sweets For Cats Day

By • Apr 5th, 2014

A Japanese housewife, Caroline, creates these lovable cat-themed sweets annually on Cat’s Day (that’s on 22 February in Japan). These cat-shaped treats seem like a wonderful way to celebrate how much you like your feline friends.

Weight Losing Supplement

By • Apr 4th, 2014

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Diet Coke Mentos Nutella And Condom Challenge | Top Challenges #39

By • Apr 3rd, 2014

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