Sleeping Problems?! Try This!

By • Apr 18th, 2014

When the sun sets at the tropical rainforest, frogs and crickets start their concert of beautiful noises.

Coast To Coast And Back +++ Watch This Inspiring Road Trip

By • Apr 18th, 2014

Exploring the states in 3.5 weeks

Clever Short Film Tears Apart Pharmaceutical Companies

By • Apr 18th, 2014

An urgent meeting between the boss of a pharmaceutical company and one of his upstart young employees is called in order to discuss a troubling rumor about a new drug.

Sheldon Cooper Reading List

By • Apr 16th, 2014

Ever wondered what he likes to read? Go ahead and check

Fun Tricks To Impress Your Friends

By • Apr 16th, 2014

Learn fun tricks and impress your friends!

Body Language

By • Apr 16th, 2014

By a man’s fingernails, by his coat-sleeve, by his boots, by his trouser-knees, by the calluses of his forefinger and thumb, by his expression, by his shirt-cuffs, by his movements – by each of these things a man’s calling is plainly revealed. That all united should fail to enlighten the competent enquirer in any case is almost inconceivable / Sherlock Holmes, 1892.

The aim of this exhibition is — to become aware of ourselves and of the people around us. Not claiming any in-depth analysis, and hoping that you will take a moment to think about it. It seemed amazing to us that we can try to better understand ourselves or others.

Drunk Man Trying To Climb Fence Is A Metaphor For Life

By • Apr 16th, 2014

A video a drunk man’s struggle to navigate a fence has been dubbed a ‘metaphor for life’ after racking up more than a million hits on YouTube.

The clip shows the man getting stuck between some iron railings before a failed attempt to climb over the fence.

Entitled ‘The Futility of Existence’, the man’s bid for freedom plays out alongside sorrowful piano music.

He eventually manages to overcome his obstacle when he spots a young boy casually walk through a big gap in the fence.

‘This deserves an Academy Award for Best Score,’ said one viewer.

Another added: ‘So simple, so elegant, so excellent.’


By • Apr 16th, 2014

Nerd (adjective: nerdy) is a descriptive term, often used pejoratively, indicating that a person is overly intellectual, obsessive, or socially impaired. They may spend inordinate amounts of time on unpopular, obscure, or non-mainstream activities, which are generally either highly technical or relating to topics of fiction or fantasy, to the exclusion of more mainstream activities.[1][2][3] Additionally, many nerds are described as being shy, quirky, and unattractive,[4] and may have difficulty participating in, or even following, sports. Though originally derogatory, “Nerd” is a stereotypical term, but as with other pejoratives, it has been reclaimed and redefined by some as a term of pride and group identity.

Top 10 Youtube Challenges Of 2014 (so Far)

By • Apr 16th, 2014

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This Father And Mother Are Spicing Up Veggies For Their Children.

By • Apr 15th, 2014

Like most parents we struggled getting more veggies on the daily menu. Until we found a very visual and fun way to make vegetables more attractive for kids.

Spicing up meals with fun and fantasy is the very best trick. Kids will eat Dragons Tails a lot quicker than they’ll eat green asparagus. And that ‘icky’ beet tastes so much better with a dinosaur on your site. Say hello to Kemal the Couscous Camel, trample your Peas in Pieces, dive for that yellow tomato in Puppy Plunge and discover the lentil sea with a not so Bored Panda…