Artist Captures Stunning Sunsets In Reflections From A Broken Mirror

By • Apr 8th, 2014

New York-based photographer Bing Wright has created a stunning series of images that capture the reflections of beautiful sunsets in broken mirrors. The method behind his Broken Mirror/Evening Sky series is brilliant in its simplicity. The black lines in the shattered mirrors distort the sunset while retaining all of its splendorous color.

Artbook By Elias Wessel »there Must Be More To Life« Feat. Amanda Lepore

By • Apr 7th, 2014

Artbook: There Must Be More To Life – a multimedia project featuring Amanda Lepore in a story about self-discovery and self-(re)invention by photography artist Elias Wessel.

Elias Wessel is one of the most remarkable young german artists, who use the large format photograph as means of expression. The main focus of the New York based photographer lies within a wide range of staged photography. In »There Must be More To Life«, exhibited September 2012 in New York City, the artist cooperates with the transexual superstar Amanda Lepore and creates a dialogue, which becomes a larger narrative about self-discovery and reinvention. The accompanying artbook (ISBN 978-3-939028-40-6) has just been released by the german publishing house Norman Beckmann (NBVD).

In November 2011 at the Jane Hotel in New York City, the transgender superstar Amanda Lepore performed in front of Elias Wessel’s camera. The images, in which Lepore appears alternately humorous, mournful, glamourous, innocent, and sexy, are the central part of Wessel’s highly personal multimedia project »There Must be More To Life«. The large-scale color images of Lepore had been exhibited for its first time at the Art Directors Club Gallery in New York, September 2012. Opposed to video elements, including a clip from Sesame Street, the work creates a dialogue that becomes a larger narrative about self-discovery and reinvention. This is also the story of the artist’s own self discovery: »There Must be More To Life« is something of a culmination of the varied aesthetic and intellectual interests that Wessel has been accumulating for the past several years in his highly original (fashion-) photographs. At the latest with »There Must be More To Life« his images are transcending the mechanics of the genre which recently led into exhibitions in art galleries and at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.

The artbook conceptualized as a children- picture book in close cooperation between the artist and book designer Philipp Hubert at Hubert & Fischer, depicts the interdependency of the projects aesthetic and its content. It documents a meticulously staged and complex work, its mood and mystery in an astonishing aesthetic quality, prompting the viewer to ask questions: who is this woman and why is she here? The answers to those questions are revealed by sustained looking and the accompanying textbook which includes a foreword by Ignacio Oreamuno (Executive Director and Curator of the Art Directors Club Gallery, New York), a preface by Art Critic Meghan Daley and an interview with Amanda Lepore, who in Wessel’s photographs becomes an incredibly poignant and powerful figure, at once vulnerable and unbreakable.

»There Must be More To Life« stands in the tradition of photography as a transfer medium of cultural or social discourses, whereas each image contains a narrative moment. It marks a paradigm change in Elias Wessel’s work and is full of details, quotes and references.

Available at NBVD publishing house (, stationers or online booksellers. For further information please visit

Title: There Must Be More To Life / Es muss im Leben mehr als alles geben
Artist: Elias Wessel
Languages: Englisch / German
Prefaces: Ignacio Oreamuno, Meghan Dailey
Concept: Elias Wessel, Philipp Hubert
Design: Hubert & Fischer, New York
Publisher: NBVD, Norman Beckmann Verlag & Design, Hamburg
ISBN: 978-3-939028-40-6
Size: 24 x 34 cm (Cardboard book), 22 x 32 cm (Textbook)
Volume: 26 pages (Cardboard book), 24 pages (Textbook)
Finishing: Cardboard book with two rounded edges, Textbook
Price: $ 38.90 / € 27,90

[video] Kids That Will Make You Live, Love, Laugh And Dance.

By • Apr 6th, 2014

These videos are about kids from tiny community town in Estonia who made it to big fashion around the globe. With their genuine behaviour they spreads glory, fun and humour.

About the author:

Katrina Tang is a children’s fashion and portrait photographer from tech savvy Estonia. Currently living and working in New York City. Her picture stories are inspired by the Estonian nature and culture. You can find more from her website:

27 Thought Provoking Images Of Migrant Workers – Doha, Qatar

By • Apr 6th, 2014

The secret lives of migrant workers in Doha, Qatar.


By • Apr 6th, 2014


Ode To (21st Century) Cinematographers

By • Apr 6th, 2014

This is a compilation of SOME of my favorite shots from numerous cinematographers from around the world, roughly during the past decade. Due to not only wanting to keep a consistent look, but to also respect the cinematographers’ work by not re-cropping 16×9 media, I only used movies that were shot around a 2.40:1 aspect ratio. As you can imagine, this not only limited what I was able to use, but also prevented me from using some of my favorite display of cinematography. Among those include “Children of Men” by Emmanuel Lubezki, “Prisoners” by Roger Deakins, “Hugo” by Robert Richardson, and “Only God Forgives” by Larry Smith, to name a few.

Music Credit:
“Sapphire” by Bonobo

Cinematographer Credits:

-Chrisopher Doyle
-Pung-Leung Kwan

-S. Ravi Varman

Cloud Atlas
-Frank Giebe
-John Toll

The Dark Knight
-Wally Pfister

True Grit
No Country for Old men
-Roger Deakins

Slumdog Millionaire
-Anthony Dod Mantie

Man on Fire
-Paul Cameron

-Emmanuel Lubezki

-J. Michael Muro

Shutter Island
Django Unchained
The Good Shepherd
Inglourious Basterds
-Robert Richardson

The Book Thief
-Florian Ballhaus

The Conjuring
-John R. Leonett

-Bruno Delbonnel

Memoirs of a Geisha
-Dion Beebe

Black Hawk Down
-Slawomir Idziak

The Best Offer
-Fabio Zamarion

The Social Network
-Jeff Cronewerth

-Janusz Kaminski

Inside Man
Black Swan
-Matthew Libatique

2 Guns
-Oliver Wood

-Mitchell Amundsen

The Matrix Reloaded
-Bill Pope

-Adam Stone

Gran Torino
-Tom Stern

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
-Chris Menges

-Newton Thomas Sigel

The Wolf of Wall Street
-Rodrigo Prieto

12 Years a Slave
-Sean Bobbitt

The Town
-Robert Elswit

The Life Aquatic
-Robert Yeoman

The Counselor
-Dariusz Wolski

Seven Pounds
-Philippe Le Sourd

-Jo Willems

Captain Phillips
-Barry Ackroyd

Anna Karenina
-Seamus McGarvey

Act of Valor
-Shane Hurlbut

-Benoît Delhomme

-Don Burgess


By • Apr 5th, 2014

Flor de maracujá

Dang My Doggie (id Pic)

By • Apr 4th, 2014

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Photographer Captures 8 Hours’ Worth Of Plane Take-offs In Single Image

By • Apr 4th, 2014

Mike Kelley, a talented professional architecture photographer, has created an amazing composite image that has combined 8 hours’ worth of take-offs (and a few landings) at Los Angeles airport. He did it by taking 370 separate photos and digitally combining them into one big super-photo that makes it seem as though the entire fleet (flock?) of commercial aircraft is taking off all at once.

Humans Of China Like “humans Of New York”

By • Apr 4th, 2014

An amateur photographer with his friends decided to present the people living in China inspired by the Brandon Stanton’s famous Humans of New York.

The project reveals every day stories of strangers met mostly in the city of Shanghai and other important sites within China. Trying to introduce the people of China to the rest of the world.

For the exact stories of the people portrayed below please visit the actual facebook page: