Christmas Gifts Wrapped In Snow

If you’re a Christmas addict (like me), you’ve probably already had a blast wrapping presents. But I bet you have never thought of doing it this way. Kim Neill asks, who needs gift wrap when there is snow? [Read more...]

This is how she did it: “Christmas Eve I went through the basement to pick out a bunch of boxes and containers of various sizes, lined up my gifts, wrapped what needed to be kept waterproof in plastic wrap then went to bed setting my alarm for 4 AM. Early morning comes and I throw my boots on to head outside with boxes and gifts. The procedure was fairly simple. Shovel some snow in the box, add gift, top off with snow and flip the whole thing over onto the front deck. Add yarn bows and gift tags and voila! A snow wrapped present! The whole thing took just over an hour to do so I was able to go back to bed to get more sleep before everyone woke up.”


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