Bird’s-Eye-View Photographs Taken From Pigeons In 1900s

Bird’s-eye view photography is nothing new in our day and age. Just recently, saw the alps from an eagle’s point of view, and even amateurs have managed to capture photos and videos from remote-controlled planes and quadrocopters. However, since as early as the 1900s, curious creators and artists were already contemplating ways to get their cameras into the sky. [Read more...]

In 1903 Dr. Julius Neubronner created patented a miniature camera designed to be affixed to common pigeons and take aerial photographs. It worked via a timing mechanism that would make it take a picture after a predetermined interval. His invention was a hit at international expositions in Dresden, Frankfurt and Paris between 1909 and 1911. His invention drew spectators who watched the pigeons arrive with their cameras in tow and could purchase postcards with prints of the airborne photographs.

Dr. Neubronner’s invention was way ahead of its time, but it begs a question that I don’t think we’ve answered to this day – who are we supposed to attribute the photographs to, Dr. Neubronner or the pigeons?


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