Family Portraits Without People

Photographer Camilla Catrambone offers a new perspective on portraying family members. In her photo series called “Portraits of My Family” she represents each person by photographing his or hers belongings – from handkerchiefs to razors, pins and even food products. [Read more...]

Small amounts of treasured everyday goods are arranged into aesthetic compositions and create a warm nostalgic feeling about the person or a moment in time. “I felt that the objects belonging to my relatives, starting from the ones of my beloved grandparents, were still full of energy and were capable of reminding me of moments I shared with them,” – says Catrambone. “If I look at the image of my grandpa, Mario, I can go back in time when we sat at his writing table and fully feel the mood of that moment.”


Grandpa Mario


Grandma Ilva – Mario’s wife



Nanny Renata





Grandpa Antonio


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