12 Awesome Food Art Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It would be hard to argue that the fastest way to our hearts is through our stomachs. This simple truth makes Valentine’s day a perfect occasion to showcase our culinary skills, and gives tons of easy gift ideas, too! Some do their research to find out what products are the best afrodisiacs, some know that they will never go wrong with sweets, and some just pop a bottle of champagne – either one of these options will guarantee a great evening! [Read more...]

In case you’ve been neglecting Valentine’s day, here are some quick ideas and inspirations for you - sometimes even the simplest foods look amazing with just some imagination! Try serving your dishes or desserts in an unusual way or maybe just adding a little loving note next to the plate. Let there be love - and good food!

Valentine Pizza

link: onecharmingparty.com

Heart Shaped Egg

link: annathered.com

Watermelon Hearts

link: otchipotchi.blogspot.com

Egg In The Basket

link: Petitekitchenesse.com

Roasted Potatoes

link: Hanielas.blogspot.com

Lovely Breakfast

link: Tracy Weston Photography

Another Lovely Breakfast

link: Cutefoodforkids.com

Heart Shaped Pancakes

link: Southwingveranda.tumblr.com


link: madewithloveby.me

Strawberry Ice Cubes

link: kimwhitten.blogspot.com

Heart Shaped Sushi

link: Newlywedcooking.blogspot.com

Red & Green Apple

link: C.Mariani

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