Miniature Food Jewelry by Heather Wells

Admit it – sometimes cupcakes are so pretty that it’s one of the main reason we end up having one too many… To avoid that, Heather Wells thought of a way to just stick to the pretty part: based in California, she creates adorable food miniature jewellery. From pizzas to scrambled eggs, or marshmallows to pop sickles – Heather does offer quite a variety to choose from. [Read more...]

In order not to run out of ideas and keep up the interaction with her fans, Heather set up a blog contest, where she gives a general topic and encourages people to make food suggestions related to it. The one she likes the most is then made into a tiny charm for her collection, and the author of the idea gets it as a prize.

With Thanksgiving approaching, looks like turkeys and pumpkins are going to be out of stock shortly!

Website: etsy |

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