Pencil Shavings Turned into Illustrations by Marta Altes

If you watch a children’s cartoon or remember a childhood fairytale, you’re bound to feel a rush of positive emotions. That’s exactly what you feel after seeing the cute pictures by Marta Altes, who combines simple pen drawings with bits of pencil shavings. This children´s book illustrator with a Cambridge degree found a way to make something beautiful out of what most of us would consider trash. [Read more...]

“I always try to have a positive and funny vision about life and to get a smile from who is looking at my drawing,” says Marta, and these words sure describe her work well. Take a look at a her lion or the ballerina with a pencil-shaving tutu, and you’ll definitely get your cute dose of the day.


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Date posted: Oct 9th, 2012
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