The ongoing “Pretty Girl, Ugly Face Shot” photo trend serves up a constant stream of hilarious side-by-side shots of pretty girls making hideous faces. From grumpy smiles to double chins and crossed eyes, these women don’t hesitate to show their inner “ugly duckling.” Even more, they seem to be making a statement about loving yourself as you are, caring less about others’ opinions and having some fun.

The beginning of it all seems to lie in a subreddit called Pretty Girls Ugly Faces. Back in 2012, Kristen, one of the moderators of the subreddit, posted her pretty face-ugly face comparison and the buzz kicked in. Since then, similar pages have appeared on Tumblr. Girls are even given tips on how to reveal their ugliest selves – according to Kristen, you could start by twisting your face, making your jawbone disappear and drooling a little. And guys can also get their freak on over here.