Creepy Skeleton Make-Up by Mademoiselle Mu

Maybe this is not the exact make-up that you would put on a Friday night out but it would definitely gain you some attention at this year’s Halloween party. This dark and haunting but stunningly beautiful make-up was created by an expert make-up artist Mademoiselle Mu for an editorial spread in “Ever Magazine”. But not only the sharp and cold-blooded looks of model Clémentine Levy can give you the chills… [Read more...]

The very idea of this photo series, titled “She Has Waited Too Long”, gives you the grim feeling of human mortality and loneliness. Our whole lives are based on waiting – to be born, to grow up, to make a career, to find love and to die… eventually. As for Clémentine Levy, maybe she shouldn’t have waited so long and paired with another famous skeleton model Rick Genest instead.


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