World’s First 3D Printed Wallet With a Built-in Bottle Opener

“The Brew Clip is like nothing you have ever seen before! This gadget is the world’s first 3D printed wallet. Not only can it carry your money and cards, but it also has a built-in bottle opener allowing you to pop open your favorite craft beer, anywhere, anytime. How’s that for convenient?” Website:... (Read more)

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3D Photo Booth Prints Personal Miniature Figures

Wouldn't it be cool to play with your own miniature sized replica and imagine that you were actually shrunk to several millimeters height by a giant x-ray? At least that's what came into my mind first when I saw this amazing project done by... (Read more)

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Skin Care Best Way

By  Best skin care product ingredientsactually oil Aki various which are native toCentral and South America... (More)

Colorado Gold - The Glory Of Aspens

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Bi Function

By  Abstract Digital Fine Art Limited edition fine art prints. (More)

Seductive Lighting By Nymphs

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+++ Have A Better Sleep With This Video +++

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