Photographer Makes People Disappear Into Thin Air

Hungarian photographer Bence Bakonyi makes people disappear in the urban surroundings by dressing them in clothing that blends with the... (Read more)

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Dissolving Street Objects by Cayetano Ferrer

Traditionally one would thinkt that the sole purpose of graffiti is to be seen - and yet a Los Angeles-based artist Cayetano Ferrer makes it look transparent and almost invisible. A video, photography and sculptural/installation artist covers the urban debris with high quality pictures that match the surroundings, and thus the object visually dissolves in the... (Read more)

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Amazingly Camouflaged Models in London

Nowadays we live in such fast-paced cities, that it is easy to feel invisible and blend in with the masses. This post is also about blending in, but this time - in a good and funny way. Carolyn Roper, freelance make-up and body artist, did a project together with TV channel "Really", painting models to blend them with the surroundings... (Read more)

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12 Famous Sweaters

By  As "drawn" from pop culture. Illustrated by Allegra Westfall for It Goes To 11. (More)

One Of The First Photographers To Use Social Media To Save Shelter Animals Mia Anelli

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Fun Easter Craft Idea With The Kids

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Best Life Hacks Of All Time

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My First Gameplay Video! Sub And Enjoy!

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