Stunning Video Reveals What Unique Sagrada Familia Church Will Look Like By 2026

A stunning video has been released revealing what the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Spain will look like once it is completed in 2026. Construction was begun in 1882, and architect Antoni Gaudi, who was responsible for its unique and divisive design, became involved in its construction in 1883. To this day, it is not yet... (Read more)

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Historic Church Transformed with Graffiti Art by Hense

Atlanta-based artist Hense chose a historic church from the Ward 6 district in Washington D.C. as his canvas and painted it in vibrant flashy colors.... (Read more)

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The Alzheimer's Association Campaign Depicts Fragmented Portraits

By  The latest Alzheimer's Association ad campaign likes the victims of such a heartless disease to... (More)

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Test Mysql

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This Will Change You In Exactly 60seconds

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Cutest And Saddest Easter Ad Ever Made By Film Students!

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