13-Year-Old Kazakh Girl Trained To Become Eagle Hunter

Asher Svidensky, a 24-year-old photographer from Israel, has recently visited Mongolia with the aim to document the lives of traditional Kazakh eagle hunters. "I wanted to document the 'Future Generation' – boys who take their first steps in learning the hunting skills, boys who hold the tradition’s future in their bare hands," explained the... (Read more)

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Thief Eagle Steals A Camera And Takes It On A 100-Kilometer Journey

When aboriginal rangers discovered that a camera they had set up to capture images of crocodiles eating had gone missing, they had no idea who the thief might be. At first, they thought that the camera had fallen into the water, so they forgot about it. Two weeks later, however, colleagues found the device about 110 kilometers away at the... (Read more)

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Breaking the Stone: Eagle Painting by Hua Tunan

Chen Yingjie, better known as Hua Tunan, is now one of the young rising stars in the world of art in China. By combining traditional Chinese art principles and the contemporary aesthetics, he creates vibrant paintings of colors exploding into beautiful shapes and forms. His other passion is street art and graffiti, influences of which... (Read more)

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