Husband Saves Wife’s Cute Notes From Every Packed Lunch She Makes (8 pics)

Somewhere in the world lives one lucky guy whose wife not only prepares him food for lunch, but also adds some love to it in the form of cute and lovely notes. The most important and beautiful thing is that this happens every single... (Read more)

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Couple Celebrate 29 Wedding Ceremonies Around The World

MADLY IN LOVE. That's what I would call Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant - a couple traveling all around the globe to find a perfect place to get married. So far Alex and Lisa have been married 29 times in places around Europe, Canada, United States and South America with more than 20 more weddings to go before their final... (Read more)

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Babe, I Swear, I Was Just Reaching For The Soap

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It's A Scarecrow For The Fridge

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Open A Bottle With Another Bottle

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Keep Your Roommate From Stealing Your Food

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Hey Babe, Finding Anything Good?

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