Mother Nature: New Zealand by Alex Felix

Alexander Felix, 22, is a young artistic director. His last trip, New Zealand, where he and his backpack went to the heart of nature to shoot landscape at its best... (Read more)

Alex-Loup Félix
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3D Sculpture Creates a 2D Illusion

Neil Dawson made a 3D sculpture which actually creates a 2D illusion: his "Horizons" sculpture looks like a doodle image of a sheet of paper, drawn across the sky.... (Read more)

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Sensational Driving Dogs From New Zealand

Meet Monty, Porter and Ginny - world's first driving dogs. The aim of the "Driving Dogs" campaign is to change common misconceptions about the intelligence of rescue... (Read more)

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This Is Not A Spam

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Test Mysql

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This Will Change You In Exactly 60seconds

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Cutest And Saddest Easter Ad Ever Made By Film Students!

By  Little chicks' first attempt to fly in slow motion. (More)

By Just Watching This Video Of Puppies, You're Donating Money To Charity

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