This is Just a Martini Glass

If you're reading this, you have a really dirty mind. This is just a martini glass in the first picture and a ribbon in the second... (Read more)

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30 Clever Advertisements That You Shouldn’t Miss

Copywriters and Art Directors work daily for their clients to provide clever advertisements with which to attract potential costumers. Some of these guys are doing their job better than others and this way we get the awesome results that amaze us and attract us towards a product. In this article you will see examples of this kind of advertisements, the... (Read more)

Bogdan Sandu
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Photography By Steph Telesco

By  Steph Telesco is a fine art photographer based in Boston, MA. She received a BFA... (More)

Photography By Anjan Ghosh

By  Beautiful shoots by Anjan Ghosh, talented photographer based in India, West Bengali who shoot portait... (More)

Spike Chair

By  Alexander Lervik, the product designer behind the Lumiere Au Chocolate, has made another conceptual work... (More)

How To Connect Pc To Led Tv Via Wifi Connection

By  Its hard to connect tecnical devices with wifi connection. Its a tutorial for connecting led... (More)

Tiny Grand Budapest Hotel For Birds

By  Here’s what happens when you finally see a new long awaited and wonderful in all... (More)