Man Finds 101 Creative Ways To Use His Ex-Wife`s Wedding Dress

Everybody knows how ugly breakups can get, and we all have different ways of coping. But I've never seen someone handle their rebound quite like Kevin Cotter, who found 101 different ways to use his ex-wife's wedding dress and became an Internet sensation because of it. He also released a book titled „101 Uses For My Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress“ in... (Read more)

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The Slow Motion Wedding Video Booth

People have been fascinated with slow motion for about as long as it‘s been around, but the Super Frog Saves Tokyo (SFST) video production group out of Seattle was one of the first to introduce it to a business normally associated with photography – weddings.... (Read more)

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Couple Celebrate 29 Wedding Ceremonies Around The World

MADLY IN LOVE. That's what I would call Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant - a couple traveling all around the globe to find a perfect place to get married. So far Alex and Lisa have been married 29 times in places around Europe, Canada, United States and South America with more than 20 more weddings to go before their final... (Read more)

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Tiny Grand Budapest Hotel For Birds

By  Here’s what happens when you finally see a new long awaited and wonderful in all... (More)

Gurung Honey Hunters By Andrew Newey

By  Andrew Newey is an award-winning documentary travel photographer based in the southwest of England. Born... (More)

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Game Of Firms - ‘game Of Thrones’ Houses Reimagined As Companies

By  I have been thinking about this project since I watched the 1st season of "game... (More)

Photography By Ari Gabel

By  Ari Gabel is a working photographer whose main concentration deals with the documentation of the... (More)