Potoo Bird Seems To Be Constantly Terrified (10 pics)

Animal pictures are usually popular online because the animals are cute and adorable or ferocious and fearsome. The Potoo bird, however, is neither majestic nor especially cute. It just looks… terrified.

The Potoo is actually a group of species that live in the northern half of South America. They have unusually large bills and huge eyes, which help them fly and hunt nocturnally. By day, their favorite perch is a tree branch or the end of a tree stump, where they simply stay stock-still. Their gray and brown feathers blend in with the wood, making them look like the ends of broken branches. [Read more...]

Their large, sloped mouths and enormous eyes have made them popular on the internet – their expression almost always seems to suggest that they’ve just seen something terrible, or that they’re in great despair. We’re sure that they’d get along just fine with Grumpy Cat.

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Date posted: Sep 13th, 2013
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